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Philadelphia German Brass Band

Die Philadelphia Deutsche Blaskapelle

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The Philadelphia German Brass Band adds the right atmosphere to:
  • Ethnic and cultural events

  • Old-fashioned concerts in the park

  • Parades

  • Traditional Oktoberfests

  • Corporate banquets, charity fundraisers and other organization functions

  • Private parties and picnics


We appropriately tailor our performances to the setting and can assemble a group of 8 to 12 musicians plus a vocalist depending on the venue, audience tastes and budget.
Exactly how diverse is the band?  Since our founding 75 years ago we've played indoors and outdoors; in tents, beergardens, ballrooms, cathedrals, department stores, garages, basements, backyards and community parks.  We've performed at breweries, universities, athletic clubs, arenas and even at a rodeo.  Not much surprises us anymore.
For more information, please contact:
Peter Jauss, Business Manager
T: 717-203-8266
Pete Palan,Musical Director
T: 215-657-1838
You may also reach out to us using the form below.